DSC_0308Andrea Ortuno (in art Andres Ort) was born in Florence in 1963, he graduated in 1988 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence in pictorial disciplines. After graduation he moved to Barcelona, where he continued his experience in abstract painting , but soon felt, in the artistic young Catalan climate a tired repetition of contemporary expressive models, well known in Italian culture of the 70’s. He then increased his awarenwss that a historical cycle was ended. In 1993 he returned back to Italy, and settled in his father’s previous studio in Florence. Andres Ort started again figurative painting after the abstract parenthesis of the mid eighties. He began to work to large-size pictures , whose main subject is the human figure , represented as back nude , as couples , the figures for man and woman, side by side , forming a round archetipal form, mostly painted in blue and green , an evocative summa of the human being called “Anthropos” . They are perceived as emblems of the human destiny. Even in the subject of the still life, Andres Ort conveys that sense of misty uncertainty that permeates the nudes. He began the cycle of ‘ Quartets’ , compositions of apples or lemons , no more conceived as still life , but as pure form and colour that transcends the real image. He spent long years, the critic Mario Bucci said , to set his own style before showing his work in public. In 1995 he exhibited at the Galleria Cimabue and, in the same year , he opened , by his own studio, a painting school, for students both of the Academy and private . In 1998 Ort published the catalog “Works”, reviewed by Bucci himself and then has been working for thee years, with exclusive rights, for Roberto Masi ‘s Galleria Art Mia, in Florence. The first experiences with the market of art began, and Andres Ort participated to many exhibitions in Italy, including the Expo 1998 in Rome and published on various art magazines , including “Arte Mondadori”. In 2000 he moved to the “Galleria Paviglianiti” in Florence, continuing the series of exhibitions abroad, such as The International Art Expo in San Francisco USA in 2000, The International Art Expo in New York in 2001, and The Miami International Art (Florida) USA 2002. Many publications on “Arte Mondadori” will follow. In 2004 Ort exhibited at the Galleria “Art Point Black” in Florence and, in the same year, founded “Studio San Lorenzo” as a permanent school of painting. In 2007 he exhibited at “Palagio di Parte Guelfa “, with the support of the Comune di Firenze. In 2013 started again portrait painting, interpreted less and less as a way to represent the subject, but as a way to explore the human heart . In this sense portrait unites all the earlier experience collected to express , through drawing and painting, a semiotic , non-conceptual summa of the picture, to get closer to a straight human introspection . Thus was born the theme ” Anime del Mondo ” : a series of portraits of people Andres met in his travels , or in his studio in Florence. “I sketched close or unlike , known or unknown people, from different countries of the world, of different languages and heritages, but, after all, I found out that the true meaning of this journey in the portrait, is my consciousness, which, gradually as I painted and approached the end of the picture, was regenerating, as if a full aknowledge had taken place. Basically I found that every person shows herself through the image of her heart: it is visible in each one of us, especially in pain, writhing, changing, screams all its immanence, upsetting all our fears and indifference. Heart recalls us, imposes us to be human beings, to perceive the absolute value of every human being, beyond good and evil: heart as a mirror of the divine on earth, which transcends every rational understanding. ”